What We Do

Our mission is to create and market Latin inspired brands and new products to help you win in the Latin influenced total market in America. We do this by applying deep cultural insights, Latin inspired product innovation and the marketing know-how of top brands. We use our proven methodology to help you identify the right target, develop and bring to life your brand positioning, craft your go-to-market plan and develop & lead your innovation strategy.





We develop a scorecard of the critical success factors you need to have in place in your organization to capitalize on the Latino and total market opportunity. We’ll be able to quickly identify where your gaps are and give you a sense of the type of opportunity you are not capitalizing on.


We assess the market opportunity for your business. We figure out who is the most attractive consumer target for your brand cutting through all the confusion and misunderstanding that exists around the Latino, multicultural and total market:

  • We assess the market opportunity and help you understand the spectrum, size and relevance of different consumer segments through more insightful consumer research
  • Simplify your choices by using a proven model to help you choose your consumer target
  • Uncover the key insights that will move the needle through smarter and more practical consumer research
  • Map out the key consumer touch points and its implications for the marketing plan.


We help you develop or refine your brand positioning infusing it with Latin inspiration to make sure it is meaningful and differentiated:

  • We tap into deep cultural consumer insights to identify what your brand needs to stand for in the hearts and minds of your consumer target.
  • We identify what your main benefit differentiators need to be to drive superiority in the marketplace.
  • We help you develop or refine your brand identity and bring it to life.
  • We design packaging that consumers can’t resist picking up in the store

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We lead your innovation strategy through our “Latinspire ™ ” creation approach:

1. Full immersion in product experience

2. Get inspired by Latin influences

3. Create and refine new ideas while experiencing them

4. Select the winners

5. Turn winning ideas into products

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Marketing Planning

  • We help you develop the right marketing plan that engages your target, achieves your trial & loyalty objectives and that fits your resources.
  • We help you craft the right objectives and strategies to deliver on them.
  • We use a proven model to help prioritize and make the right tactical choices that can move the needle.

Brand Communication

  • We craft the brand communication strategy.
  • We come with big creative ideas that will bring to life your communication strategy.

Social Media Listening and Storytelling

  • Listen to your target to understand their needs and wants and identify key influencers.
  • Use social media storytelling to engage consumers in an ongoing conversation that creates value for them and builds your brand.

Marketing Execution

  • We develop and lead all types of impactful marketing campaigns/programs: social media, influencer, retail activation programs, traditional advertising, social responsibility and more.


  • Measure results, learn and optimize tactics to build your brand and maximize your ROI.

Brand Management Service Model

  • We become your virtual brand manager that leads and coordinates all the moving parts and simplifies the complexity for you.
  • We’ll work collaboratively with other partners that will help execute on the different components of your marketing plan.


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